Animating Digital Voices – a student proposal

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I don’t even know what just happened but it seems there’s been a big change of plans and I’ll be doing some animation series! ..or something. It’s not that I’m disappointed or anything but all the animating stuffs that I really wanna do have a lot of actions in it and that’s you could say violence is inappropriate

BUT I’ll make it happen…somehow… uhhhh any new ideas, stories, theme..I talked it out with everyone and my big want for having a comedy style story is still in! YAY! that’s the least that I can make the story interesting.. and I guess you could say it has to be inspirational but.. comedy and inspirational’s relationship is complicated and they don’t want to talk about it so we thought up of the idea of having experiences being in the ICT department!

Think about it! people in the ICT (I’m sorry to say this if you don’t agree but) are all weird and the best thing about it is that we’re all weird mainly in that course/section! and the good stories come from that! I think.. anyways, it should be good to actually talk about experiences how we came to be in the digitalvoices class and all that the past of the first contact~ the present which is the fun and exciting part and the future with the plans of any media related or ICT related? stuffs!Now for the plans tomorrow…..brainstorm!..


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