Final Course Reflection

due date: June 15 @ Midnight

  1. What were the most and least successful activities of study? Are the units sequenced in the most effective order? Can you think of a unit that would make the course stronger and more meaningful to first-year students or people studying these issues?
  2. Which of the current assignments should we keep? What are your ideas for new ones? How can the assignments or instruction be revised to help stu- dents’ writing improve?
  3. What were the most and least successful in-class, transition-to-University, and at home activities?
  4. What’s your best suggestion for improving our course? What should we keep, and what should we omit? What worked best? What needs minor adjustment?
  5. What were your favorite things about the course? What were your least favorite parts? Was there anything you disliked but from which you learned something?
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