Help needed to modernize a song

A class is looking for some student help! Here is a request from a teacher from Saskatchewan. Please let me know if you can help this class.

Hi Jamie,

Our class has prepared a play about the interdependence of animals and humans. We’re using deforestation as our main topic. We wil be filming it with a high school class here in Saskatoon this week.

Our class has written lyrics to a song that we could use during the opening/closing credits. It’s called “We Can Get Along” and it’s to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” We will be using SongSmith to record the students singing it this week as well. We were hoping that you could either rework it to make it more “modern” or come up with a song of your own for the play. What do you think?

I have attached our lyrics so you can see what the students came up with. The project needs to be completed by May 18, so I apologize for putting you into such a tight time frame.

Thanks so much for your help. This will be so cool for the students!



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