Ongoing Cultural Exploration Unit – Week 7

Task One:

In a group, reflect on today’s session using your web cam: identify any met goals, assess the progress of your ongoing activity, and present your project at this point.  Your group video should be between 30-90 second video on your media assignment, upload your video and embed into a Post to individual Blog Sites, assign a post Category must be: Ongoing Media Unit, assign post Tags must be: 5-10 key words from your the previous step, take a picture of your activity and set it as your Post feature image.

Ongoing Task:

Students are to document a personal exploration with their culture (consider: history, geography, city landmarks, food, music, gaming, story-telling) using mobile technology.  This task must be competed daily over the next 7 days.  Posts must be created on student portfolio site daily. Students are to meet the following criteria:

  • a minimum of one post per day,
  • NO PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED!  no names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • must capture the cultural moment through media (photo, game or video),
  • each post must have a reflection/description of the day/cultural happening (a minimum of  4 sentences),
  • each post must be assigned a post Category must be: Ongoing Media Unit,
  • each post must be assigned  5-10 Tags,
  • each post must be assigned a featured image (take a picture of your moment)

What is Culture?

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