Leslie Gentes from ETSS forwarded me this link. What a wonderful resource and support for our Digital Voices program.


Spigot is the Digital Media & Learning Research Hub and our team is dedicated to analyzing and interpreting the impact of the internet and digital media on learning, participatory politics and youth culture. You can learn more about the work of the research hub at dmlcentral.net.

Our goal with this site is to aggregate the compelling research, news and opinion in the digital media and learning field and provide a dependable, up to date, one-stop publication. We want to make it as useful and informative as possible, so let us know how we can enhance it.

The stories you see on Spigot are the result of a set of curated feeds relating to digital media and learning. As we discover innovative sources, we may reshuffle our selection, providing you with the freshest ideas on offer. The “Popular Today” section is created automatically based on tweeted links by thought leaders in the DML community.


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