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Whether you are looking to upgrade your current Web design skills or to change careers to this exciting field, the part-time evening Web Design Certificate can help you achieve your goals. With a focus on the front-end aesthetics, you will learn theory and hands-on skill on topics like graphics, markup, and client-side scripting.

Ability to create and edit images in Adobe Photoshop
Ability to identify basic graphic design and layout concepts
Ability to create Web pages in past, current and emerging standards using HTML, XHTML, CSS and XML
Ability to create rich multimedia files using Flash
Ability to create and edit Web pages using Dreamweaver
Ability to do programming with JavaScript and ActionScript
Career Opportunities for Graduates

Web Designer/Developer/Programmer
Flash Developer
Required Courses

DIT 15969 – Programming Technologies Level 1.1: Introduction to Programming and Software Development 21 hours
DIT 15519 – Web Design Level 1: Photoshop 18 hours
DIT 15521 – Web Design Level 2: Web Design Principles 18 hours
DIT 15517 – Web Design Level 3: XHTML Introduction 21 hours
(Next start date: Jan 10, 2012)
DIT 31000 – Web Design Level 4: XHTML Advanced 21 hours
(Next start date: Feb 14, 2012)
DIT 15522 – Web Design Level 5: DHTML Introduction 21 hours
(Next start date: Mar 20, 2012)
DIT 15523 – Web Design Level 6: DHTML Advanced 21 hours
(Next start date: Apr 24, 2012)
DIT 15915 – Web Design Level 7: XML 18 hours
(Next start date: May 29, 2012)
DIT 15524 – Web Design Level 8: Flash Introduction 21 hours
DIT 16065 – Web Design Level 9: Flash Advanced 21 hours
DIT 15831 – Web Design Level 10: Dreamweaver 18 hours
Elective Courses

These courses are not required, but are related and could be helpful for some career opportunities.
DIT 36005 – Ajax 18 hours
(Next start date: Jan 14, 2012)
DIT 36009 – Pay-Per-Click Marketing 12 hours
DIT 36017 – Project Management for IT Professionals 36 hours
Technology Edge Seminars (12 hours)
Students are required to complete 12 hours of Technology Edge Seminars.

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